Sheen Instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inspection and testing instruments used in the paint, coating, automotive and other industries.

Formed in 1947, we are an internationally recognised brand in the industry with a worldwide customer base. Having started as a UK-based manufacturing company, the business has expanded hugely into international markets working closely with our distributors in over 40 countries. Our service network is being developed to provide servicing for our products.

We offer a comprehensive product range in the field of appearance inspection, physical testing andviscosity measurement.

Our appearance inspection instruments make sure that our customers meet their quality standards in colour, gloss, finish effect and other visual parameters of paints, coatings and surface-finished materials.

For physical testing, we provide reliable equipment that tests various physical properties of paint and coatings, such as durability against abrasion, or adhesiveness of the material, among others.

In the viscosity field, we offer range of instruments to precisely measure viscosity of different materials, which is one of the key parameters in our customer’s quality control and product characterization process.

As a part of Elektron Technology Group headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Sheen continues to provide high-quality products with excellent reliability; ensuring our customers can meet today’s challenging demands.


Instruments for measure color, gloss ,


- Hiding-power-charts
  - Orange-peel 
  - Colour 
  - Gloss
  - Opacity 
- Transparency


 Physical tests


- Abrasion
- Adhesion
- Application
- Coating thickness
- Corrosion-control
- Deformation
  - Drying time
  - Fineness – grind 
  - Hardness
  - Moisture-measurement
  - Pin-hole-porosity
  - Process - control
  - Density
  - Temperature , pH
  - Weighing



-   Viscosity



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